One Sambhar please

stag in lichen water ©

A Sambhar stag in a lichen covered Malik Talao

The ‘golden hour’ (or the magic hour), when shortly after sunrise or just before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky. The low Sun filters through more of the earth’s atmosphere, giving the image a softer, richer glow. This is what most outdoor photogs pine for- go to extraordinary lengths for..

The Ranthambhore Photography Rambos are no less and they too hope and pray that the good Lord will be generous and place a tiger with gleaming eyes in this magical light- like Van Gogh’s vase placed perfectly in the light on the windowsill.

But they forget that the Lord also has a sense of humor. He places the single most commonly seen creature before us in this rare moment. The rather ordinary Sambhar. Perhaps to teach us a lesson in reverence for all life – to look closer, beyond the obvious, and see a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems,to appreciate every miracle moment under the Sun.