The ‘Dosco’ Principle

T19 kill 2 copy B&W ©

I have some old Doon School friends who still guard their food like this.

In boarding schools, as in the natural world, protecting your ‘tuck’ from other other roving eyes & noses creates a distinct body language, all its own- an observation based on the challenges of predatory behaviour versus survival instinct. Here T19 after making a kill, drags it to a safe hiding place. She is also trying to keep the news very quiet because of the resident male, who is in the vicinity. If he sights or smells the drag-mark, this kill will disappear as quickly as the biscuits & chocolates that mom packed and sent to school to last the whole term. … T19 kill 1 © T19 kill 4 © T19 kill 6 ©T19 kill 2 ©