Panthera ‘Billie Jeanus’

jawai leopard coming down revised ©

A jawai leopard looking for warmth in the first rays of the sun

The stage is pitch black. The audience holds its breath. A solitary spotlight fades on. Boom- out of nowhere, there’s a glittering & bejeweled Michael Jackson in all his glory. You could feel his presence on your skin.

My first sighting of this juvenile leopard, as he emerges from the dark depths of the granite kopjes of the Pali hills of Rajasthan to warm himself in the first rays of the sun. Very reminiscent of my first sighting of MJ, many years ago.

As dramatic. As unforgettable.


5 thoughts on “Panthera ‘Billie Jeanus’

  1. Whats up Uncle Abhinav
    Just wanted to check in with you
    P.S Love the photos including the one with the tiger and deer plus python strangling lizard

    ( The lizard deserves it is what my MOM Would say

    Scorpion Queen

    • Hey there, sweetie, how are you? thanks, glad you like the pics and why am i not surprised that you like the python strangling the lizard!!! :))

      Give my love to your big bro too.

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