Freaks of Nature

half tigers ©

The Half -Tiger

From my beloved land of the mystical, the bizarre & the unexpected, I present the ‘Half Tiger’’ and the ‘Double –Headed tiger’.

These were very commonly seen in the forest till recently, but now seemed to have caused outrage amongst the denizens and have been summarily banned by the ‘regular’ tigers of Ranthambhore for hurting their sentiments.

In other news, it has been such a pleasure to witness the romps of T19’s sub adults through most of 2014/15 who are still as playful as puppies even though they must be close to 300 pounds each by now. Life for them will change soon as they will go their separate ways and establish their own territories. An encounter with each other a few years from now might not be as cuddly.

One more trip beckons …

two headed tiger in the grass ©

The Double-Headed Tiger


One thought on “Freaks of Nature

  1. Such unusual specimens of the species must be almost extinct today. You are most fortunate to have caught this glimpse and captured it on film for us. Deep gratitude.

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