A Herd of Tigers

T19 family spread 2 ©

Who would have thought that one could have a frame full of tigers in one shot!

If the light was any poorer one could have mistaken them for a group of Sāmbhar moving cautiously through the tall grass. Yet, this is a very common sight these days in Ranthambhore. Frequent sightings of families of tigers, nonchalantly moving about in broad daylight, surrounded by jeep-fulls of visitors, testifying to the recent good news of more tigers in Indian reserves.

40 years ago when Fateh Singh Rathore, the visionary architect of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve fought the ‘System’ valiantly for these forests, he would see a tiger perhaps once in two weeks, and that too in the middle of the night.

I wonder what he would think today.


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