Don’t save the Tiger!

T72 eye CU ©



Save yourself.


The forests in which the tigers live,  stabilize your climate.

Their plants enrich the soil by recycling the nutrients through the shedding of leaves and seeds. They also regulate the water cycle by absorbing and redistributing rainwater quite equally to every species living within its range.

They are the birthplace of many major rivers. They are connected to the water you drink.

They purify the air you breathe by absorbing air pollution.

Once a forest is not there to absorb the water from the rains, this creates floods and provokes soil erosion. Most of the nutrients and the elements needed to maintain life are washed away. In the tropics, deforestation can lead to desertification, where the area becomes a desert and loses most of its life.

Forests are the biggest source of your medicines. Forests contain a potential source of an amazing amount of cures, but most of it hasn’t been discovered yet. Your health is directly linked with the conservation of forests.

Overexploitation has led to the destruction of forests and the impoverishment of the people. It is you who loses a critical resource and doesnt gain anything in terms of development. Countries like Ethiopia have destroyed 98% of their forests to satisfy immediate needs. In less than 100 years, they’ve gone from 40% of the land being covered by forests to only 1%. Yet they haven’t made considerable improvements in development. The most devastating deforestation has been made to create short-term profits.

The tigers?  Well they’ll be fine by themselves. Just leave them alone in their forest. That’s all.




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