Just a Pea-hen



peahen ©


Celebrating the single most uncelebrated resident of the Indian forest- The ‘female’ Peafowl.  Much un-photographed and a pale shadow of her outrageously sequined partner, she is often the only thing in the vicinity when you are  parked in a jeep for hours, holding your breadth and twiddling your thumbs, waiting for tiger movement.

It is this ‘dead time’ that forces you to look out for the other little miracles of life and encounters that the jungle offers, which usually go blissfully unnoticed when you are hot on the trail of a  big cat.

A bevy of red wattled lapwings coercing a python to move away from their nest, a jungle cat stalking a monitor lizard, a pair of mating cobras, a red headed vulture cruising the cliffs, a fight for dominance in a troupe of Langurs, or just a  very nervous peahen walking a little to close to where a tiger is hidden.





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