Ranthambore- A maternity ward

Leopard sihilluette ranthambhore © B

The lone sentinel of Ranthambore fort – or so we thought. A mother leopard soaks in the dying rays of the sun, along with her 2 sub adults ( who came up and joined her a little later ) . With my double-barrelled excitement of seeing tiger cubs and leopard cubs on the same game drive, it does seem that all is well at Ranthambore.


leopard mom plus 2 ©




T19 3 cubs leaving jhalra ©


However, Ranthambore still faces many contentious issues.  Even though poaching seems somewhat under control here these days,  the steady year round stream of human traffic going to the Ganesh temple, and the frequent intrusion of villagers who graze cattle and cut wood is a permanent nuisance and disturbs the equilibrium of the forest. Ranthambore is also a VIP park. The national capital not being too far away, politicians and celebrities show up regularly and often flout rules. Weekend party types also do their thing, showing up with loud music and junk food litter.  


Mom & 2 cubs in water




leopard mom and 1 cub on wall ©

leopard sil wall ©

3 leopards on the rampart ©


And yet, it somehow remains a pristine haven for all wildlife. The recent baby boom of these magnificent cats is testimony to this fact. Despite all the bellyaching and complaints one hears, it is easy to forget that a lot of people are doing a lot of good work in Ranthambore.


Hope to see all these babies next year.


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