Sultan, the heir apparent of Ranthambhore

Sultan portrait ©

Heir to the throne of Ranthambhore, is the huge & handsome 2 ½ yr. old T-72, aka Sultan, who shares a benign and unusually close relationship with his father, the notoriously dominant T-24. This is most likely to change, and perhaps violently, after this year’s monsoons, which will wash away the carefully marked tiger territories creating new vacuums of habitat. Stomping grounds then will be fought over yet again as they have been since time immemorial.. A wonderful sighting with my son, my close friend, and the ultimate tiger Yadvendra Singh, who tracked Sultan brilliantly.


2 thoughts on “Sultan, the heir apparent of Ranthambhore

  1. Yes, I too he think he will become heir, although I know very little about him but when we met his personality oooooooozed from every muscle in his regal body. In my mind I named him Sultan the Magnificent perhaps he will ‘live’ up to this name…..who knows?

    • Magnificient is a good word for him. As a solitary cub he had his mother all to himself, and it shows in his size, overall health and in his confidence too. By yes, you are right.. who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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